Tuesday, April 17, 2007

one more . . .

that makes several marathons.

this number is used - 26.2. woah!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Met the Guys from NIKE+

i don't usually gush - but i specifically went to the NIKE+ part of the exposition at the marathon. their stuff is so cool and they keep adding good features & expanding the application - bam - something new - not too frequently - no fanfare - but every once in a while there's something usefull there. if you're reading my blog - NOW - below is my own tracking which i semi - demi - kinda - abandoned since NIKE's tracking is so good - so easy to use.

btw - the chart above is 50-54 men&women usa - for the month of march - which is my normal running. this month in april - jane - vacummed up my sensor which got chewed up and broke & i was without for two days - then i bought one and i kinda screwed up calibrating it - but not really - they're hard to calibrate - and got recorded 1 mile two days in a row before i finally have it recording somehere near the right mileage. so there. and the chart below is the same only worldwide. so there again.

i met Tim Mulrooney who is from event marketing - he was very nice and interested in what an old coot like me had to say. and there was a young fellow as well without a business card that i spoke to for quite some time as well. they're very energetic - and you can tell they love their business- so that was great - well in my old age i'm turning into a groupie - of sorts -

wit - THE marathon 2007

btw - i say a guy with 25118 - so i know i'm not the very last number. i'm next to last though.
i wanted 25118.


well its been some time since i've been here. been very busy with businessPlan development. but ths is a very notable occasion. Why? WHy? WHY? because i'm out of my mind running again in THE boston marathon. i can't believe i'm doing it again - it is so torturous for an old man like me. really - don't know what's in my head - but i do know i like those medals. really one - the first - was fine - but then somehow i got two - and then three & you know know it's becoming a collection & expanding it is cool - i mean 4 baby - that's not a couple - it is not a few - it is SEVERAL!

runners kinda know this - when they meet someone who either pretends to be or is interested eventually the someone asks - have you run a marathon after monday i will be able to answer SEVERAL!!!!! way cool. i mean i'm old. as artie would say "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Nike knows where i am

here's my route - CLICK HERE nike is watching!

(when you get to my map - you can make it a little smaller and see the satellite view as well!)

and here's where i stand for january according to nike. i actually ran 198 miles but there were a couple of days i didn't have the pod & the thing isn't calibrated right yet - but anyway - it's fun!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Real Deal in Running

of course world peace hangs on my running consistency. if i could run even more there WOULD BE world peace. i missed 18 days and this caused world strife. but here is a cool chart that shows running segments - how many days in a row i've run.

all gaps are only 1 day except the slighly wide one - that was 2 days after the marathon. you'd be surprised what tightness there is in an old guy like me after 26.2 miles.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Nike+ Leaderboard !!!

Nike+ is very cool. there's still a lot of stuff they have to do - but it is cool reporting - there's no way to modify anything - and the calibration is difficult to get right. but it is cool - and i'm the 7th most mileage for any gender, worldwide, aged 50-54!

If I Were Running Cross Country

i've run 2,552 miles since october 31,2005 - that's an average of 6.12 miles per day

i thought i'd explain this briefly. if i posted my miles cross country as i'm tracking it above then - here's where i'd be. fu.
Normally i just point people to the links below - but, i've decided it's noteworthy (only to me really surely (sp?)).

435 days have passed since this running log began - tracking my running in such a dedicated way is a feat unto itself for me - generally i would have lost interest long ago (i almost quit at 6 months and was simply going to double the result to predict the year)

so - 435 days have passed since October 31, 2005. i've run 417 of those days or 95.9% - meaning i took 18 days off - 2 of which were the 2 days following the marathon - needed those for sure - two were for injuries - that piled up on me - the rest i just took it easy!

the first 7 weeks i wasn't running any seven mile days (i stopped about 6 months earlier when i was floored by the flu - i just didn't have it in my head to be able to do 7 after i recovered) since the 8th week through week 63 (current week) i've been running sevens 236 out of 386 days or 61% - for the entire period i've averaged 6.12 miles per day

my longest consecutive stretch was 72 days
- July 4 through September 13 of which 70 of the 72 days were seven mile days !!!!

see The Handicap Theory - Running

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Running - one year

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Handicap Theory - Running

Have you seen my running log? It's at the beginning of the blog. Why a running log ? - well here's the theory.

Golfers are an orderly bunch. Even those that don't play golf understand the handicap system. One guy says to another (gal) my handicap is 13 what's yours? He answers and they both pretty much know what the other guy is! Now that's totally cool - you have to admit - so few facts transmitted and so much information !!!!!!

Well other sports need handicapping as well - especially the one's I love & do - Running & Skiing. How in hell do you tell someone how you ski or determine how they ski? Hey I'm really good, I can snowplow, I can jump, I can . . . . - that's really stupid. But . . . . . . If there were a handicap system it would be just like golfers.

So now, let's move on to running. If there were a handicap system for running some of the elements of calculation would be number of days run out of how how many elapsed average number of miles per day speed per mile running conditions (heat, cold, snow, . . . .) All of these factors would be weighed appropriately and whalah ---- you'd get a a handicap.

Now years ago (maybe three or four), I timed myself for months and tracked the stuff. I figured out a good 5 mile run was 42-45 minutes, a great one 41 or so, and bad ones longer. A good 7 mile run was about 60-62 minutes. Now I've gotten slower since then - I'm old and I smoke (a lot) - but I'm not too much slower. Good days (really good ones) can be about the same and bad ones are worse then they used to be. So all of my tracking DOES NOT INCLUDE TIME. Fu!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last 2006 BAA Marathon Analysis - splits

Well - no more talking about the marathon after this. But above you can see the worlds definitive analysis of the marathon as seen by - MY EYES! Here you have it - i had a fast 10k (for me of course!) and beat last years first 10k by almost 1 minute per mile ! The second 10k was about 1.5 minutes per mile slower but virtually a dead heat with last year. The third 10k i slowed down by a minute per mile and was about 1/2 minute slower per mile than last year - so not so bad. But here's where i fell apart - the fourth 10k was almost 2 minutes per mile slower and almost 1 minute per mile slower than last year. The very end of the race was almost identical to last year. so there you have it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm Running ! It just doesn't look like it!

There are two reasons to run the marathon. Reason 1: being done and Reason 2: this cool medal.

For those of you that haven't run 26.2 miles here's the run down. Before the run starts maybe you're nervous - can you do it? - maybe you'll have to drop out, maybe you can't run it, will you get hurt and be kept from getting to the end. All that goes through your mind. Then you start and of course you have to run along - especially when there are (in this case 2 waves) 10,000 plus runners who WILL trample you if you don't move along. BTW - if you try to move too fast you'll trip someone - trip yourself - and still get trampled.

So there you are running and everything seems just fine. And for the next 15 miles it's just right. Soon after though a little fatigue sets in and suddenly the rate of fatigue increases disproportionately. This is when every glance ahead is for two purposes: is the finish line in front of my face - and why haven't i gone further than the last time i looked up?! And then you reach the stage where you have to consider why the hell you did this to begin with and you're confirming to yourself that now that you've just about done this you'll never, ever, Ever, EVer, EVEr. EVER, EVER do this again and you are praying (even if you don't have one religious gene in your body) that IT IS OVER - NOW!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2006 Marathon - my last one - & I really mean it !!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lotta Running Stuff

Hey this is very, very, cool. Somehow i ran into this (no pun intended!) on the web. And, although only maniacs would spend the time to do it - it is VERY, VERY, COOL! So here's several photos of my running route.

Now before you look - the map calculates that my run is 6.57 miles. I've measured it on my bike which is pretty accurate and the distance is 6.8 miles. So - i have to come clean now - i really don't want to - but i don't run 7 miles - i only run 6.8!!!! I've been lying all of these years and i apologize to everyone - in the past - and in the future - since i am going to continue to lie about this and tell EVERYONE i run 7 miles.

The site where you can start your own map (and although it's for runners - of course you could use it for walking to work - walking for exercise - your commute to work - and on and on !!!!) MapMyRun.com.

The site also calculates information about calories (very important derivative but not sought after benefit) and information about pace and so forth - there are two views - one of them is my best time which i used to track for about 6 months long ago - but for years and years now - i no longer track time (although i do track for the first time in 25 years running days).

So there are two pace & calories charts - the first one says i probably do the 7(!*!&@^!) miles in about 1 hour - I'm old (and i smoke 2 packs of cigs per day)- much older than my chronological age. the second chart shows the pace and calories at pretty much my best time which was which to the best of my memory (probably only once !) was 53 minutes. It's interesting to see (by their calculation) that running 7 minutes faster is only 3 more calories burned - hey maybe i'll slow down all together.

So - if you check out marathon plan below - it really doesn't seem that i can achieve that - since i really have to run my best which i haven't done for several years. so there. but still i'll try to break 4 hours - i think i can .... i think i can ..... i think i can .....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Maps

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Marathon Game Plan ! - # 23395 !

so this is the plan. it was easy to develop it in excel and overlay onto the elevation.

i've run boston twice before - age 50 and 51 - and now 52. both times i learned a lot.

Now it needs to be stated i didn't train - at all - other than my normal daily running - for the past two marathons and i didn't train for this - again - my last one - as were the other two - each my last.

The first time i was frightened since i had no idea if i could run 26.2 miles. It wasn't that i didn't think i could do it - i didn't know that i could do it - that was the scary part. Well i did my first one - age 50 - never thought here was a reason to do it before and now that i had done it i didn't think i needed to do it again. My 10 toes KILLED me after heartbreak hill. every downward step made my toes slip a nano something and they KILLED!

so the second time i ran was kind of accidental. Last year - 2005 - my good friend got me a number again - thanks to you Paul again & again - and whalah - there i was again. Well this one i took care of my toes. SO there was no toe problem. However once that was taken care of i ran into - no pun intended - my thighs KILLED after heartbreak hill - and that slowed me down a LOT - they HURT!

So now you also have to remember as orthogonal as it is i smoke two packs of cigs per day for 35 years or so. No attitude about it - it's just true.

And finally these medals are cool. They give it to you within about 3-5 minutes from the end - they're very organized and it's very cool. I usually don't run the next day or so - since my legs are stiff and hurt some - not a lot - but some. but when i do run the next time after the marathon - i really want to run with the medal on. it's not so much to have others see it - but more so to recognize myself for having done something that's just plain old hard to do.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boston - 2006

forthwith my preparation for the 2006 Boston Marathon

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Running Log from 2000-2001

Turns out i kept a running log from October 14, 2000 through May 8 , 2001. I don't really remember doing it - i'm old and getting forgetful - but i do remember the form and it seems like i kept it pretty accurately - differentiating between 7's, 5's, and days off. I didn't keep much weather information - only a few days in spring that it snowed. Apparently i was running a lot more 7 mile days back then - but as someone said to me - i was 6 years younger - which at my advanced years is a LOT younger. Also the longest consecutive stretch of running was 43 days. I tracked 207 days and ran 192. Of the 15 days not run 7 of them were ski days, 3 of them injury days. So that's it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Handicap Theory - Addendum

Ok. I've been thinking about the handicap method and I'm ready to put forth a possible simple handicap formula, although a coffee colleague this morning proposed that i follow the type of system golfers have (see original theory below) and analyse marathon courses and times and who is the average and then the average is par - 0 - and so on. Well - there's way too much work there - so forthwith here we go!

The Handicap works on a scale of 10 where 10 is the best runner and 1 the worst (sorry!) runner. There are three parameters to the formula:
  1. % of Elapsed Days that you run - ergo - days run ÷ days elapsed = % and the higher the % or the more days per week you run therefore the higher your handicap
  2. Miles Per Day that you run - the more you run the higher your handicap!
  3. Speed per Mile - the faster you are the higher your handicap!

Now the next thing we need to do is weight these things together. so here's my view in the chart to the left.

I don't have the time to finish - but i will be soon.

Oh - i end up with a 7.9

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Where's the Patent?

Have you seen my patent? Honestly did you know i'm a patent holder? tell the truth now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The I'm not a Bastard Theory

How many times have you heard someone say what they are not? It's a silly way to speak and a crooked way to think.
"I'm not a bastard." What are they thinking? I mean it - - think about what is going on inside they're head. Travel through those possible thoughts with me. Parse that commentary.
Most declarations have a purpose - we declare to inform, educate, explain, warn, ...... lots of other motivations as well. The declaration of what isn't derives from the speakers belief that "it" is known by others !!!!!! Why else would one declare what I don't see, think, feel, hear, smell . . . . . They think I do! So my conclusion is simple - the declaration of what one isn't is an uneasy affirmation of the speaker's belief that they may be, or, are seen just as they claim not to be.
Telling us what you are not is a window into the speaker's thoughts. Actions are evidence and they pile up and stick around. The accumulation of actions convince, and they become true objects in our lives. And objects - real objects have a truth in their existence. They do speak louder than words.
Oh, and by the way - I AM NOT A BASTARD! fu.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Music I'm Listening To When I Run

4.14.06 6:36 am
Belanova - Escena Final - Me Pregunto. This is a mexican band who mixes a very smooth voice with great music and great latin rhtym beats - very nice and fun. the new Belanova album is "Sweet Beat". Belanova is a mexican alternative pop - electronic music band formed by Denisse Guerrero (voice), Edgar Huerta (programming and keyboards) and Ricardo "Richie" Arriola (bass and guitar), all from Guadalajara Jalisco. The band was formed back in 2002.
Pam Hall - Someone Else's Dream - Come See About Me - Someday We Will Be Together - Our Day Will Come. She is HOT! musically. She's got a great beat and has taken a number of standards - many Motown - supremes - music and kept the original tune while marinating the music in a reggae beta. very well done and fun music - it's also fun to be able to sing along (in my head) since the music retains its familiarity.
Jamie Cullum - Our Day Will Come - I Only Have Eyes for You. Jamie Cullum is comfy, relaxed, young, and happy music. stress-free style - mellow and comforting - very mellow jazz type music - very easy listening and relaxing. The cover tracks of 'I only have eyes for you' and 'Our day will come' are better than the originals!

The Style Council - Me Ever Changing Moods (Single Single Edit) - You're the Best Thing (Single). A suave, swanky, cocktail kinda lounge for groovin' to the best jazz, pop, exotica and mod music - that's what these guys are. very tight production values. the lead guy - i guess i Paul Weller - who also has/had an independent career. They're well known in britain. very good - !

World Party - It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes) - This World. This is an interesting band - they have 4-5 albums over about 20 years - the guy that leads them - Karl Wallinger - has had deaths - fights - and suffered an aneurysm - although i don't know in what part of his body - anyway - they have a nice site - but when you get there - the music is ON - so make sure to turn down your volume.

Shout Out Louds - The Comeback - right click here and save as target as ............ These guys are a new band in Britain and they get a LOT of ATTENTION. They're god but you probanly have to be british and 20 to love, love, love, them. They're wedish and they are 5 of them. They're kinda of a quite indie punk band - very young - but again good. They're a bit reminiscent of The Flaming Lips'.
Youth Group - Shadowland - Someone Else's Dream - Youth Group are at the forefront of Australian alternative music. "Skeleton Jar" is the band's second album and the first to be released in the US. They''re sound is pop, folk, and indie rock. The beauty of this album is that every note is well-placed, every strum thought through, economic in the precision of the pop-coated anger. The album is a bit dark. Toby Martin is the lead singer and his voice is a bit melancholic but pure and strong.

James Hunter - You Can't Win
Sonya Kitchell - Let Me Go

Hard-FI - Stars of CCTV

2.12.06 8:41 pm
Lisa Loeb has some pretty good music - she's about 30 - but her younger sister is Debbie about 19 years old - and she has a nice tune in two different ways - ballad and a dance tune. You can download if you right click on this link and "save target as......

been listening to a lot of Bonnie Raitt - "Got You On My Mind" - great tune - very casual but very thoughtful. It so interesting how simple lyrics can be in a pop tune - but they're also often so pertinent. This one is - from 1974, Streetlights album - great tune. You can get it from iTunes too.

good tune from a band called destroyer "right click on this link and save target as . . . . " this tune is called European Oils - nice tune - good group.

the Acid House Kings great group - try this one "Do What You Wanna Do" and try this "This and That" and finally you can get this one which i think is about their best "I Can't Let Go" from iTunes.

1.7.06 12:24 pm
Good music – maybe not too many though.

I was listening to weekend edition Saturday and near the end of the show they had this 24 year old on named Jens Lenkman – he’s Swedish (although dark haired) He’s got a really nice voice and pacing of his music and the tempo of his arrangement and voice – they mold together very nicely – and uniquely – like him a lot – he’ll never be a wide hit – but he’s very cool – you can listen to him at NPR.org.

listen to the third song first ‘Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song’ (Oh You’re So Silent Jens)then listen to the first song second – ‘You Are the Light’ (When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog) here’s the link: npr.org – jens Lenkman! Also you can get it on itunes. also two other good tunes of his are: "Rocky Dennis Farewell Song to the Blind Girl" and "Maple Leaves".

interesting group – the special guests – i think they’re German. Good tune “Rhythm & Brass” here’s where to get it free – "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

Interesting guy named Matt Costa – if you remember John Sebastian singing “Darling Be Home Soon” – this is a good rendition "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

Tessiura – great tune called: Nervous here’s the Link - "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

the warmth – granville great tune – see link – available free. here’s the link "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

British Sea Power – The Lonely is a great tune very early Bowie like in voice – great tune for running. Also Big Star – Do You Wanna Make It – great tune that has a very catchy beat – really catchy tune – also great for running

Deborah Cox is a great singer – good R&B with Anita Baker shades, Luther Vandross Rhythms Lots of material available Try just one tune “Call Me”

this is great music – all indie bands except one – first class stuff – sorry i can’t provide links – but mostly available on iTunes British Sea Power * , Clap Your Hands Say Yeah* , Hard-FI* , Big Star* , The Decemberists* , Shout Out Louds* , Broken Social Scene* , M83* , Big Star*

Bobby Bare * – this is an old time country singer – but he does a really great rendition of “Yesterday When I was Young”

here’s some stuff i’ve been listening to prior to above – just to start off with
San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble, Imogen Heap, Deborah Cox, Stereophonics, Kings of Convenience, My Morning Jacket*