Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last 2006 BAA Marathon Analysis - splits

Well - no more talking about the marathon after this. But above you can see the worlds definitive analysis of the marathon as seen by - MY EYES! Here you have it - i had a fast 10k (for me of course!) and beat last years first 10k by almost 1 minute per mile ! The second 10k was about 1.5 minutes per mile slower but virtually a dead heat with last year. The third 10k i slowed down by a minute per mile and was about 1/2 minute slower per mile than last year - so not so bad. But here's where i fell apart - the fourth 10k was almost 2 minutes per mile slower and almost 1 minute per mile slower than last year. The very end of the race was almost identical to last year. so there you have it.


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