Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Marathon Game Plan ! - # 23395 !

so this is the plan. it was easy to develop it in excel and overlay onto the elevation.

i've run boston twice before - age 50 and 51 - and now 52. both times i learned a lot.

Now it needs to be stated i didn't train - at all - other than my normal daily running - for the past two marathons and i didn't train for this - again - my last one - as were the other two - each my last.

The first time i was frightened since i had no idea if i could run 26.2 miles. It wasn't that i didn't think i could do it - i didn't know that i could do it - that was the scary part. Well i did my first one - age 50 - never thought here was a reason to do it before and now that i had done it i didn't think i needed to do it again. My 10 toes KILLED me after heartbreak hill. every downward step made my toes slip a nano something and they KILLED!

so the second time i ran was kind of accidental. Last year - 2005 - my good friend got me a number again - thanks to you Paul again & again - and whalah - there i was again. Well this one i took care of my toes. SO there was no toe problem. However once that was taken care of i ran into - no pun intended - my thighs KILLED after heartbreak hill - and that slowed me down a LOT - they HURT!

So now you also have to remember as orthogonal as it is i smoke two packs of cigs per day for 35 years or so. No attitude about it - it's just true.

And finally these medals are cool. They give it to you within about 3-5 minutes from the end - they're very organized and it's very cool. I usually don't run the next day or so - since my legs are stiff and hurt some - not a lot - but some. but when i do run the next time after the marathon - i really want to run with the medal on. it's not so much to have others see it - but more so to recognize myself for having done something that's just plain old hard to do.


Anonymous Lex DiMatteo said...

Hey Vigdor,

Nice stuff on your blog.
Good luck on Monday!

8:35 AM  

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