Sunday, December 25, 2005

Music I'm Listening To When I Run

4.14.06 6:36 am
Belanova - Escena Final - Me Pregunto. This is a mexican band who mixes a very smooth voice with great music and great latin rhtym beats - very nice and fun. the new Belanova album is "Sweet Beat". Belanova is a mexican alternative pop - electronic music band formed by Denisse Guerrero (voice), Edgar Huerta (programming and keyboards) and Ricardo "Richie" Arriola (bass and guitar), all from Guadalajara Jalisco. The band was formed back in 2002.
Pam Hall - Someone Else's Dream - Come See About Me - Someday We Will Be Together - Our Day Will Come. She is HOT! musically. She's got a great beat and has taken a number of standards - many Motown - supremes - music and kept the original tune while marinating the music in a reggae beta. very well done and fun music - it's also fun to be able to sing along (in my head) since the music retains its familiarity.
Jamie Cullum - Our Day Will Come - I Only Have Eyes for You. Jamie Cullum is comfy, relaxed, young, and happy music. stress-free style - mellow and comforting - very mellow jazz type music - very easy listening and relaxing. The cover tracks of 'I only have eyes for you' and 'Our day will come' are better than the originals!

The Style Council - Me Ever Changing Moods (Single Single Edit) - You're the Best Thing (Single). A suave, swanky, cocktail kinda lounge for groovin' to the best jazz, pop, exotica and mod music - that's what these guys are. very tight production values. the lead guy - i guess i Paul Weller - who also has/had an independent career. They're well known in britain. very good - !

World Party - It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes) - This World. This is an interesting band - they have 4-5 albums over about 20 years - the guy that leads them - Karl Wallinger - has had deaths - fights - and suffered an aneurysm - although i don't know in what part of his body - anyway - they have a nice site - but when you get there - the music is ON - so make sure to turn down your volume.

Shout Out Louds - The Comeback - right click here and save as target as ............ These guys are a new band in Britain and they get a LOT of ATTENTION. They're god but you probanly have to be british and 20 to love, love, love, them. They're wedish and they are 5 of them. They're kinda of a quite indie punk band - very young - but again good. They're a bit reminiscent of The Flaming Lips'.
Youth Group - Shadowland - Someone Else's Dream - Youth Group are at the forefront of Australian alternative music. "Skeleton Jar" is the band's second album and the first to be released in the US. They''re sound is pop, folk, and indie rock. The beauty of this album is that every note is well-placed, every strum thought through, economic in the precision of the pop-coated anger. The album is a bit dark. Toby Martin is the lead singer and his voice is a bit melancholic but pure and strong.

James Hunter - You Can't Win
Sonya Kitchell - Let Me Go

Hard-FI - Stars of CCTV

2.12.06 8:41 pm
Lisa Loeb has some pretty good music - she's about 30 - but her younger sister is Debbie about 19 years old - and she has a nice tune in two different ways - ballad and a dance tune. You can download if you right click on this link and "save target as......

been listening to a lot of Bonnie Raitt - "Got You On My Mind" - great tune - very casual but very thoughtful. It so interesting how simple lyrics can be in a pop tune - but they're also often so pertinent. This one is - from 1974, Streetlights album - great tune. You can get it from iTunes too.

good tune from a band called destroyer "right click on this link and save target as . . . . " this tune is called European Oils - nice tune - good group.

the Acid House Kings great group - try this one "Do What You Wanna Do" and try this "This and That" and finally you can get this one which i think is about their best "I Can't Let Go" from iTunes.

1.7.06 12:24 pm
Good music – maybe not too many though.

I was listening to weekend edition Saturday and near the end of the show they had this 24 year old on named Jens Lenkman – he’s Swedish (although dark haired) He’s got a really nice voice and pacing of his music and the tempo of his arrangement and voice – they mold together very nicely – and uniquely – like him a lot – he’ll never be a wide hit – but he’s very cool – you can listen to him at

listen to the third song first ‘Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song’ (Oh You’re So Silent Jens)then listen to the first song second – ‘You Are the Light’ (When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog) here’s the link: – jens Lenkman! Also you can get it on itunes. also two other good tunes of his are: "Rocky Dennis Farewell Song to the Blind Girl" and "Maple Leaves".

interesting group – the special guests – i think they’re German. Good tune “Rhythm & Brass” here’s where to get it free – "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

Interesting guy named Matt Costa – if you remember John Sebastian singing “Darling Be Home Soon” – this is a good rendition "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

Tessiura – great tune called: Nervous here’s the Link - "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

the warmth – granville great tune – see link – available free. here’s the link "right click on this link and save target as . . . . "

British Sea Power – The Lonely is a great tune very early Bowie like in voice – great tune for running. Also Big Star – Do You Wanna Make It – great tune that has a very catchy beat – really catchy tune – also great for running

Deborah Cox is a great singer – good R&B with Anita Baker shades, Luther Vandross Rhythms Lots of material available Try just one tune “Call Me”

this is great music – all indie bands except one – first class stuff – sorry i can’t provide links – but mostly available on iTunes British Sea Power * , Clap Your Hands Say Yeah* , Hard-FI* , Big Star* , The Decemberists* , Shout Out Louds* , Broken Social Scene* , M83* , Big Star*

Bobby Bare * – this is an old time country singer – but he does a really great rendition of “Yesterday When I was Young”

here’s some stuff i’ve been listening to prior to above – just to start off with
San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble, Imogen Heap, Deborah Cox, Stereophonics, Kings of Convenience, My Morning Jacket*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should have been a rock star like Bruce Springstein!

9:56 AM  
Blogger deb said...

Love Tessiura' Nervous. It's been stuck on repeat for a little while. Know where I can find the lyrics?

9:14 AM  

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