Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Running Log from 2000-2001

Turns out i kept a running log from October 14, 2000 through May 8 , 2001. I don't really remember doing it - i'm old and getting forgetful - but i do remember the form and it seems like i kept it pretty accurately - differentiating between 7's, 5's, and days off. I didn't keep much weather information - only a few days in spring that it snowed. Apparently i was running a lot more 7 mile days back then - but as someone said to me - i was 6 years younger - which at my advanced years is a LOT younger. Also the longest consecutive stretch of running was 43 days. I tracked 207 days and ran 192. Of the 15 days not run 7 of them were ski days, 3 of them injury days. So that's it.


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