Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The I'm not a Bastard Theory

How many times have you heard someone say what they are not? It's a silly way to speak and a crooked way to think.
"I'm not a bastard." What are they thinking? I mean it - - think about what is going on inside they're head. Travel through those possible thoughts with me. Parse that commentary.
Most declarations have a purpose - we declare to inform, educate, explain, warn, ...... lots of other motivations as well. The declaration of what isn't derives from the speakers belief that "it" is known by others !!!!!! Why else would one declare what I don't see, think, feel, hear, smell . . . . . They think I do! So my conclusion is simple - the declaration of what one isn't is an uneasy affirmation of the speaker's belief that they may be, or, are seen just as they claim not to be.
Telling us what you are not is a window into the speaker's thoughts. Actions are evidence and they pile up and stick around. The accumulation of actions convince, and they become true objects in our lives. And objects - real objects have a truth in their existence. They do speak louder than words.
Oh, and by the way - I AM NOT A BASTARD! fu.


Blogger deepanjan said...

The truth often needs to be reaffirmed. Speaking the obvious is often the best way of doing so.

12:46 AM  

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