Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lotta Running Stuff

Hey this is very, very, cool. Somehow i ran into this (no pun intended!) on the web. And, although only maniacs would spend the time to do it - it is VERY, VERY, COOL! So here's several photos of my running route.

Now before you look - the map calculates that my run is 6.57 miles. I've measured it on my bike which is pretty accurate and the distance is 6.8 miles. So - i have to come clean now - i really don't want to - but i don't run 7 miles - i only run 6.8!!!! I've been lying all of these years and i apologize to everyone - in the past - and in the future - since i am going to continue to lie about this and tell EVERYONE i run 7 miles.

The site where you can start your own map (and although it's for runners - of course you could use it for walking to work - walking for exercise - your commute to work - and on and on !!!!)

The site also calculates information about calories (very important derivative but not sought after benefit) and information about pace and so forth - there are two views - one of them is my best time which i used to track for about 6 months long ago - but for years and years now - i no longer track time (although i do track for the first time in 25 years running days).

So there are two pace & calories charts - the first one says i probably do the 7(!*!&@^!) miles in about 1 hour - I'm old (and i smoke 2 packs of cigs per day)- much older than my chronological age. the second chart shows the pace and calories at pretty much my best time which was which to the best of my memory (probably only once !) was 53 minutes. It's interesting to see (by their calculation) that running 7 minutes faster is only 3 more calories burned - hey maybe i'll slow down all together.

So - if you check out marathon plan below - it really doesn't seem that i can achieve that - since i really have to run my best which i haven't done for several years. so there. but still i'll try to break 4 hours - i think i can .... i think i can ..... i think i can .....


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