Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm Running ! It just doesn't look like it!

There are two reasons to run the marathon. Reason 1: being done and Reason 2: this cool medal.

For those of you that haven't run 26.2 miles here's the run down. Before the run starts maybe you're nervous - can you do it? - maybe you'll have to drop out, maybe you can't run it, will you get hurt and be kept from getting to the end. All that goes through your mind. Then you start and of course you have to run along - especially when there are (in this case 2 waves) 10,000 plus runners who WILL trample you if you don't move along. BTW - if you try to move too fast you'll trip someone - trip yourself - and still get trampled.

So there you are running and everything seems just fine. And for the next 15 miles it's just right. Soon after though a little fatigue sets in and suddenly the rate of fatigue increases disproportionately. This is when every glance ahead is for two purposes: is the finish line in front of my face - and why haven't i gone further than the last time i looked up?! And then you reach the stage where you have to consider why the hell you did this to begin with and you're confirming to yourself that now that you've just about done this you'll never, ever, Ever, EVer, EVEr. EVER, EVER do this again and you are praying (even if you don't have one religious gene in your body) that IT IS OVER - NOW!


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