Friday, April 13, 2007

Met the Guys from NIKE+

i don't usually gush - but i specifically went to the NIKE+ part of the exposition at the marathon. their stuff is so cool and they keep adding good features & expanding the application - bam - something new - not too frequently - no fanfare - but every once in a while there's something usefull there. if you're reading my blog - NOW - below is my own tracking which i semi - demi - kinda - abandoned since NIKE's tracking is so good - so easy to use.

btw - the chart above is 50-54 men&women usa - for the month of march - which is my normal running. this month in april - jane - vacummed up my sensor which got chewed up and broke & i was without for two days - then i bought one and i kinda screwed up calibrating it - but not really - they're hard to calibrate - and got recorded 1 mile two days in a row before i finally have it recording somehere near the right mileage. so there. and the chart below is the same only worldwide. so there again.

i met Tim Mulrooney who is from event marketing - he was very nice and interested in what an old coot like me had to say. and there was a young fellow as well without a business card that i spoke to for quite some time as well. they're very energetic - and you can tell they love their business- so that was great - well in my old age i'm turning into a groupie - of sorts -


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