Monday, January 08, 2007

If I Were Running Cross Country

i've run 2,552 miles since october 31,2005 - that's an average of 6.12 miles per day

i thought i'd explain this briefly. if i posted my miles cross country as i'm tracking it above then - here's where i'd be. fu.
Normally i just point people to the links below - but, i've decided it's noteworthy (only to me really surely (sp?)).

435 days have passed since this running log began - tracking my running in such a dedicated way is a feat unto itself for me - generally i would have lost interest long ago (i almost quit at 6 months and was simply going to double the result to predict the year)

so - 435 days have passed since October 31, 2005. i've run 417 of those days or 95.9% - meaning i took 18 days off - 2 of which were the 2 days following the marathon - needed those for sure - two were for injuries - that piled up on me - the rest i just took it easy!

the first 7 weeks i wasn't running any seven mile days (i stopped about 6 months earlier when i was floored by the flu - i just didn't have it in my head to be able to do 7 after i recovered) since the 8th week through week 63 (current week) i've been running sevens 236 out of 386 days or 61% - for the entire period i've averaged 6.12 miles per day

my longest consecutive stretch was 72 days
- July 4 through September 13 of which 70 of the 72 days were seven mile days !!!!

see The Handicap Theory - Running


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