Friday, April 13, 2007


well its been some time since i've been here. been very busy with businessPlan development. but ths is a very notable occasion. Why? WHy? WHY? because i'm out of my mind running again in THE boston marathon. i can't believe i'm doing it again - it is so torturous for an old man like me. really - don't know what's in my head - but i do know i like those medals. really one - the first - was fine - but then somehow i got two - and then three & you know know it's becoming a collection & expanding it is cool - i mean 4 baby - that's not a couple - it is not a few - it is SEVERAL!

runners kinda know this - when they meet someone who either pretends to be or is interested eventually the someone asks - have you run a marathon after monday i will be able to answer SEVERAL!!!!! way cool. i mean i'm old. as artie would say "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"!


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